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WAEC GCE 2017 Biology Expo Answers (Nov/Dec Expo)

WAEC GCE 2017 Biology Expo Answers, West Africa Examination Council, November/December GCE BIO Expo Answers For Free.

waec gce 2017 biology expo answers

a) i). ¶ white blood cells
¶ lipids

ii). ¶ responsible for the removal of interstitial fluid from tissues
¶ It transports white blood cells to and from the lymph nodes into the bones

b) i). ¶ oxygen
¶ excretory products, such as carbon dioxide, urea, etc
¶ Hormones

ii) Plants absorb water from the soil through their root hairs which are surrounded by soil water in
the soil.

The soil water is a more dilute solution than the soil sap inside the root hair hence
water molecules move from soil water into the root hairs by the process of osmosis.

salts are absorbed through the cell membrane often from a zone of their low concentration in
the soil to a zone of their higher concentration in the cells of the roots through active

c) i). Placentation is the arrangement of ovules within an ovary. The part of the ovary where the
ovules are attached is called a placenta.

ii). ¶ Marginal placentation
¶ Parietal placentation
¶ Axile placentation
¶ Free central placentation

3a) i) A community comprises all the population of living things in an area.
ii) A population comprises all the individuals of *one species,* living in an area.
iii) The specific place occupied by an organism, and the activity it engages in, with reference to
other organisms is called an ecological niche.

b) ¶ For reproduction
¶ For growth

c) i). ¶ Less competition
¶ Possible extinction of species
¶ imbalance in ecosystem

ii) ¶ extinction of certain plant species
¶ soil damage
¶ succession

d). Cover cropping helps to protect the soil from direct sunlight and and severe erosion

a) i). ¶ Gills
¶ long flat tail
¶ symmetrical body
¶ flexible body

b). (i) Irritability is the ability of a living thing to receive an external stimulus and respond to it.
(ii) ¶ Heat
¶ Light

c) i) Tillage is the process of cultivating a soil by plowing. It breaks up the soil surface, loosens
the soil for root of young plants and mixes humus into the soil.

ii) ¶ It increases soil erosion
¶ It removes plant cover over the soil
¶ Encourages succession
¶ Air pollution from dust formation

d) The male Agama Lizard displays in the sun, and the female sometimes assumes soliciting
posture to encourage the male. The male chased the female, and sometimes the female
escapes. However, sometimes the male overtakes the female in the chase and mates with
her. Fertilisation in the Lizard happens inside the female’s body and is therefore internal.

waec gce 2017 biology expo  answers

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